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Diktatorial Suite
Terms of Use

Welcome & Acceptance

Thank you for choosing DIKTATORIAL SUITE ("Service"). We are proud to be a product of DIKTATORIAL Inc. ("DIKTATORIAL"). The following Terms of Use ("Terms") outline the rules and guidelines for using our Service. Please read them carefully. By accessing or using the Service, you acknowledge your understanding and consent to these Terms.

1. Access and License

DIKTATORIAL bestows upon you a non-exclusive, non-transferable, and limited privilege to access and utilize the Service, strictly adhering to these Terms.

Our terms are simple. We don’t own your tracks. You simply can monetize any output you can get from Diktatorial Suite.

2. Conduct and Restrictions

While using our Service, please refrain from:

a. Sharing or promoting content that may be deemed unlawful, harmful, threatening, abusive, offensive, or invasive of someone else's privacy

b. Posting any material that might infringe upon the intellectual property rights of DIKTATORIAL or other third parties.

c. Pretending to be someone else, or providing misleading information about your affiliation.

d. Disturbing the Service's seamless operation or the systems supporting it.

e. Employing automated tools, like robots or scrapers, without our permission

f. Storing or gathering personal details of other users without explicit permission.

3. Your Contributions

Firstly, we do not own your artistic work and you can distribute your mastered files commercially. While any content ("User Content") you contribute remains yours, sharing it gives DIKTATORIAL a non-exclusive, royalty-free, global permission to adapt, showcase (with your permission again), and associate said content with our Service and our brand. Rest assured, we respect your rights and will not distribute your musical or audio pieces to third parties unless you direct us to. For our subscribers, we offer cloud storage. However, should your subscription lapse, we reserve the right to remove your files. Subscription plans are available both monthly and annually, with terms subject to change. Producers and studio owners must possess rightful ownership to share tracks on DIKTATORIAL.

4. Moderation Rights

DIKTATORIAL holds the discretion to remove any User Content without prior notice, ensuring the best experience for all.

5. Account Termination

We reserve the right to conclude your access to our Service for any reason, ensuring our community's integrity.

6. Applicable Law

Your association with us and these Terms fall under the jurisdiction of the State of Delaware, irrespective of conflicting legal principles.

7. Full Agreement

These Terms represent the comprehensive agreement concerning your engagement with the Service.

8. Clause Validity

Should any clause here be deemed inapplicable, the rest of the Terms remain in effect.

9. Relinquishment of Rights

Any waiver related to these Terms requires a written agreement from both parties.

Thank you for being part of the DIKTATORIAL family. We are committed to offering a top-notch experience. If you have any concerns or queries, please reach out to us.