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Frequently Asked Questions
What's Mastering anyway?

''Mastering is the art of presenting your mix in the best light possible. It is not about processing, it may be about how NOT to process.'' - Bob Katz

Mastering is the process of refining and polishing a piece of music to ensure it is ready for release. It is an art form that involves enhancing sonic materials, conducting a thorough evaluation of the mix, identifying any problems, and enhancing the overall sound to bring out the best in the material.

When done correctly, your song will feel more alive, loud, and satisfying, giving it that professional sound that listeners expect. Additionally, a good master usually results in a great audio experience on any platform, be it on headphones, speakers, or any other audio source. You get the idea!

How can I prepare my song to mastering, so I can get the most of Diktatorial Suite’s AI mastering?
How does Diktatorial Suite's AI mastering works?
How does revisions (saturation, width, analog warmth etc.) work?
What is Prompt to Mastering?
Which options/prompts are best?
How does subscription plans/credits work?
Does revisions cost credits?